"4-Way Obstacle Course"
Season 1, episode 1
Challenge Choose one of the 4 paths, pass the course and fill their bowls with tennis balls
Winner(s) Team Evil
Eliminated 8-Ball
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"Aww Seriously"
"A Factory Under Snow"

4-Way Obstacle Course is the second episode of BFDI2


The episode begun with Evil Leafy electrocuting Clock. The Announcer was on the elimination area with Team Aww Seriously. Everyone expect Lollypop and 8-Ball recieved no votes. 8-Ball And Lollypop were up for a tie-braker, witch was Rock Paper Scissors. 8-Ball got a fake arm for the tie-braker, but he lost. The left contestants fell in an underground obstacle course. Everyone got to choose between 4 sides. Roboty, Fanny and Eggy were the last 3 people to choose a side, and so they were out. Evil Leafy wrote on Clock's back ,,I Hate Myself!!! and signed it.

1 - Brain

2 - Athletic

3 - Releatshionship

4 - Creativity

1: Everyone had to answer 2+2 while running. Everyone expect Basket Ball answered right.

2: While climbing, Taco saw Cake flying/jumping to the exit. He facepalmed himself.

4: Pie drew herself and passed.

Outside: Clock was the first person who escaped the course, but couldn't reach the bowl. Cake dived into it.

3: Naily had to answer a question - ,,What will you say to the person you love?" He answered ,,YOU ARE SO DUMB!!!", but the right answer was ,,I love you". He was out with agression.

Meanwhile, Cake threw over 800 tennis balls for 20 minutes. When the time was up, Team Evil Put 999 balls in their bowl, team Aww Seriously did 74, while team Fanny put 19. This team was up for elimination.

Evil Leafy threw a freezing syringe into Clock, so he can freeze.


  • 8-Ball was actually the first person who recieved his vote.
  • Taco's II Body was used for Taco (Along with Episode 1)
  • A Script Was written, but wasn't used.
    BFDI2 Episode 2 4-Way Obstacle Course

    BFDI2 Episode 2 4-Way Obstacle Course

    BFDI2 Episode 2

  • This episode was delayed to 12.5.2012 (Month.Day.Year)