BFDI2 Pose 1
Voiced by: Roston11
Gender Male
Species A pool ball/8-ball
Team Team Aww Seriously
Episode eliminated 4-Way Obstacle Course
Place 24th
Friends Basket Ball, Fanny, Taco
Enemies Pillow, Cake, Grassy, Pie, David
Color Black and White


Aww Seriously?Edit

8-Ball was the 5th one chosen on the 3rd team, now known as Team Aww Seriously. In the Tug o' War challenge, he completely failed because he was limbless and his team was randomly chosen to be up for elimination.

4-Way Obstacle CourseEdit

In the elimination, 7/9ths of the team got 0 votes, 8-Ball and Lollipop were tied at 1. The tiebreaker was Rock Paper Scissors. 8-Ball chose Scissors, making him lose because Lollipop chose Rock. 8-ball was sent falling through the tube that goes to the Locker of Losers.

Vote HistoryEdit

8-ball Vote History
            Episode 2 (4-Way Obstacle Course)         1 (Lost Tiebreaker)