"Aww Seriously"
Season 1, episode 0
Challenge Tug Of War
Winner(s) Pie (Team Fanny)
Eliminated Balloony
Episode Guide
"4-Way Obstacle Course"


The episode begun with the White Announcer saying about the second Dream Island in the World. After teams were chosen, White Announcer told the contestants that their challenge was Tug Of War. The armless people, Evil Leafy, Robot Flower and David were out, because they didn't held the rope. After team Aww Seriously and team Evil pulled down everyone from team Fanny expect Pie, she crazily pulled the other team from their islands. Team Aww Seriously was up for elimination.

Everyone that fell from their island in the Tug of War challenge fell on Bomby and he Exploded.


  • BFDI2 Episode 1 Aww Seriously?

    BFDI2 Episode 1 Aww Seriously?

    BFDI2 Episode 1

    This is the first episode of BFDI2
  • Bomby is a contestant from BFDIA
  • II Taco's body was used for BFDI Taco. (Along in episode 2)
  • Some of the recommended contestants in Reveal Novum (BFDI Episode 18) and some of the RCs votes for Season 2 of BFDI2 are competing in this show.