BFDI2 Pose 6
Voiced by: taopwnh6427
Gender Male
Species Strawberry Cake
Team Team Evil
Episode eliminated A-Maze-In Confusion
Place TBA
Friends Clock, Eggy, Pillow
Enemies Naily
Color pink and white
I love cake flavour! - Cake, A Factory Under Snow: Part 2

Cake is an armless male contestant in BFDI2. He is on Team Evil. He likes Sweet Objects and dislikes being manipulated.


Aww Seriously:Edit

Cake was the first one chosen on the second team, now known as Team Evil. Cake wasn't seen for the rest of the episode, due to being one of the first to fall off.

4-Way Obstacle Course:Edit

Cake was first seen somehow jumping/flying out of the obstacle course, and then fell in the bowl of Tennis Balls. Thanks to him, his team won by a landslide with 999 tennis balls, the other teams having 19 and 74.

A Factory Under Snow: Part 1Edit

Cake was never shown in this PART, not episode.

A Factory Under Snow: Part 2Edit

Part 2AEdit

Cake is first seen with Grassy, when Grassy asks "Where should we go?" Cake responds "Uhhhh" But they then decide to go upstairs, Barf Bag follows.

Part 2BEdit

As seen in the last part, Cake, Grassy and Barf Bag are going upstairs. The stairs break, and all 3 fall in the incinerator. Cake is never seen for the rest of the episode.

Vote HistoryEdit

Cake Vote History
             Episode 2 (4-Way Obstacle Course)      Team Immune
             Episode 3 (A Factory Under Snow)      Team Immune


  • Cake is strawberry flavoured.
  • There was created a camp based on him. (R.O.C.K)
  • Cake is a cannibal.