David Info
Voiced by: Michael Huang
Gender Boy
Species Stickman
Team Team Aww Seriously

Team Chris

Episode eliminated Check Out The Van
Place 20th
Friends Mixed personality with everyone
Enemies Mixed personality with everyone
Color White, with a grey outline

Aw Seriously!? - David, Various Episodes

David is a male contestant in BFDI2. He is on Team Aww Seriously.


Aw Seriously:Edit

When teams were chosen, David was the 4th one chosen one the third team, now known as Team Aww Seriously because of saying "Aww Seriously" at random moments, his team happened to be called that. He was one of the first to fall off in the Tug o' War challenge, and was not shown for the rest of the episode.

4-Way Obstacle Course:

At the elimination he recieved no votes. He was not seen for the rest of the episode.

A Factory Under SandEdit

David was shown in this episode.

Vote HistoryEdit

David Vote History
             Episode 2 (4-Way Obstacle Course)           0 Votes
               Episode 3 (A Factory Under Snow)      Team Immune


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david Edit

aww seriosly


  • His personality is annoying.
  • He has a reused line.


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