Pie Info
Voiced by: Funnyicecube Alex (Episode 1-7) Kerry Wiser (Episode 8-present)
Gender Female
Species Blueberry Pie
Team Team Fanny
Episode eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Balloony, Cake, Eggy
Enemies 8-Ball
Color Gray, Dark Tan, Blue
You do realize Clock is frozen. - Pie, A Factory Under Snow Part 1

Pie is a female contestant in BFDI2. She is on Team Fanny. She likes nice people and dislikes getting eaten.


Aww Seriously:Edit

Pie was the third one chosen on the third team, now known as Team Fanny. In the Tug o' War challenge, Pie held on to the rope, not being one of the first to fall off. However, because the rest of Team Fanný was pulled off their islands, Pie crazily pulled everyone else. Thanks to her, she won for her team. Pie was not shown for the rest of the episode.

4-Way Obstacle Course:

Pie was shown drawing herself on a screen. She was judged by the screen and passed with 6 out of 10. Pie was not shown for the rest of the Episode.

A Factory Under Snow Part 1:

Pie was first shown telling Tree that Clock was frozen, so Clock couldn't respond. At Pies elimination, she recieved no votes. Pie was not shown for the rest of the episode.

A Factory Under Snow Part 2:Edit

Pie was not shown in this PART, not episode.

Vote HistoryEdit

Pie Vote History
              Episode 2 (4-Way Obstacle Course)     Team Immune
           Episode 3 (A Factory Under Snow Part 1)              0


  • Pie is one of the few Edible Contestants.