"Summer Dodgeball"
Season 1, episode 7
Challenge Survive on platforms and Dodgeball
Winner(s) Team Runaway Stars
Eliminated Robot Flower
Episode Guide

Summer Dodgeball is the seventh episode of BFDI2.


The episode started with Fanny complaining about the picnic with Robot Flower. Meanwhile, Clock asked Marker to form an alliance. Marker reminded him they did one before Episode 1. And then a Flashback appeared. It started with Marker with Clock's voice asking Clock to form an alliance. Clock with wierd voice accepts. Fanny shouted his name as in Episode 1. Basket Ball complained about the voices. And Marker told some voice information for the future. The flashback ends with Robot Flower screaming "EVIL!!!".

Taco complains about the heat. Clock tells him that he can't change the weather. Taco shows him a weather device that Clock made, then he presses the button. The groung freezes along with Clock. Pie swipes the device from Taco and she changes back the weather. White Announcer tells them about the heat. Lollypop agrees and Clock and Marker tell them about the temperature in Celsius and Farenheit. Basket Ball said he hates Farenheit. Team Aww Seriously, Clock and a Team Logo gasp. Tree told Basket Ball this is a reason he should be eliminated. Barf Bag thinks Tree was talking to him. White Announcer told the contestants they will get to the elimination.

This time the contestants got 25 votes, which is with 1 vote less than last time. Because of that, the contestants's prizes are frozen cakes. Cake asked what is their flavour. White Announcer told him they are cake flavoured. Cake ended up saying he loves the cake flavour. Cake was safe with 0 votes and when the cake was thrown to Cake, he ate it. Grassy was thinking the cakes won't hurt them. Pillow and Barf Bag are safe with 1 vote, but were hit. Grassy realized the thing he said in the elimination was wrong. Grassy and Bell are also safe with 2 votes, but they also got hit. It was down to Robot Flower and Basket Ball. Basket Ball is safe with 3 votes, while Robot Flower is eliminated with a record of 16 votes.

White Announcer announced the contestants reached the Final 18 and the second stage of the game. There is a mini-challenge and the 3 survivors will choose the teams.

Portrait Contestant Time Survived (Placing) Reason For Elimination
BFDI2 Icon0008
Cloudy ??? (18th) Did not compete and wasn't a captain
BFDI2 Icon0012
Fanny 0:02 (17th) Started burning and jumped off to the water
BFDI2 Icon0005
Bell 0:06 (16th) Being kicked by Taco
BFDI2 Icon0007
Clock 0:14 (15th) Being hitted by Saw with a dodgeball
BFDI2 Icon0022
Saw 0:18 (14th) Was hit by a dodgeball and it bounced
BFDI2 Icon0015
Marker 0:22 (13th) A dodgeball hitted him
BFDI2 Icon0024
Tree 0:31 (12th) A dodgeball was hit to him by Basket Ball
BFDI2 Icon0018
Pillow 0:34 (11th) Gave up
BFDI2 Icon0023
Taco 0:47 (10th) Kicked by Pie
BFDI2 Icon0004
Basket Ball 0:51 (9th) Tried to kick Pie, but got kicked by her
BFDI2 Ic0002
Balloony 0:54 (8th) Popped because of heat
BFDI2 Icon0010
Eggy 0:58 (7th) Cracked because of being hit by a dodgeball from Remote
BFDI2 Icon0003
Eggy 1:03 (6th) Was hit by a dodgeball
BFDI2 Icon0006
Cake 1:05 (5th) Hit by Pie
BFDI2 Icon0019
Remote 1:13 (4th) Tried to hit Pie, but failed
BFDI2 Icon0014
Lollypop 1:15 (3rd) Won the challenge
BFDI2 Icon0013
Grassy 1:15 (2nd) Won the challenge
BFDI2 Icon0017
Pie 1:15 (1st) Won the challenge