Season 1, episode 5b
Challenge Find a coin in Yoyleland
Winner(s) Team Fanny
Eliminated NA
Episode Guide
"Check out the Van!"
"Summer Dodgeball"

Yoylecoin! is the last part of the sixth episode of BFDI2


The episode part started with the contestants escaping Evil Leafy. Pie throws a syringe to Evil Leafy. Marker sees the Fan Van and tells his team. Balloony tells her team to check the object detector. Eggy screams "Yoylecoin". Pie ignores Eggy and tells that Team Evil is in Yoyleland and Lollypop and Saw are close. Eggy screams again. Clock realizes Eggy had found a coin.

Meanwhile, Team Evil cannot find the coin. When Lollypop and Saw reach Yoyleland, Saw finds the coin. And Team Evil is up for elimination.


  • Remote was not supposed to be in Yoyleland.